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Practical aspects of General Average

Building on our 2016 webinar series about General Average and the York-Antwerp Rules, we are pleased to announce  two special sessions focusing on the practical aspects of General Average with Michael Harvey, Fellow and past Chairman of the UK Association of Average Adjusters, past President of AMD (The International Association of Average Adjusters) and a Director of Harvey Ashby Ltd. In the webinars Michael will discuss the processes which occur from the time that a casualty happens until the General Average adjustment is issued using a real-life case study. Emphasis is placed on recognising and dealing with issues that may arise such as the provision of security (both for General Average and salvage) and the documents required to support the value of property and any claims in General Average.

Webinar 1: July 11, 2017  

Webinar 2: July 13, 2017 

Our webinars are free to attend and all are welcome to join us. Please click HERE to register and full details will be sent to you. 


Webinar Recordings and Slides 


  • "Carriage of Group A cargo – Mineral ores prone to liquefaction"
    (February 21, 2017): Recording and Slides



Webinar Recordings and Slides

  • "Project Cargo on RoRo Vessels" (December 13, 2016): Recording and Slides BaTy
  • "Trends and Risks associated with Vessel Lay-Ups and Reactivation" (December 7, 2016): Recording and Slides 
  • "Project Cargo on Container Vessels" (November 22, 2016): Recording and Slides
  • "Paris MoU on Port State Control" (November 3, 2016): Recording available upon request. Slides available here.
  • "Hanjin Shipping insolvency - an update" (October 4, 2016): Recording and Slides 
  • "Insuring Perishables - a Challenge" (August 31, 2016): Recording and Slides
  • "SOLAS regulation for the verification of the weight of containers" (June 21, 2016): Recording and Slides 

Webinar series on General Average: 

  • "2016 York Antwerp Rules" (October 6, 2016): Recording and Slides
  • "General Average - procedure, security, defences" (September 13, 2016): Recording and Slides
  • "General Average and the York Antwerp Rules" (September 7, 2016): Recording  and Slides 

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