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Press during IUMI 2015 Conference in Berlin

IUMI calls for retention of vessel records on change of ownership

Press release, 10th September 2015

Tianjin explosion highlights growth of accumulation risks

Press release, 17th August 2015

IUMI 2015 asks if current business drivers are creating a new standard for marine insurance

Press release, 23rd July 2015

IUMI President raises concerns for marine insurance

Press release, 14th May 2015

IUMI Spring Statistics now available

Press release, 31st March 2015; Spring statistics report a continued reduction in total losses

IUMI announces common theme for 2015 conference

Press release, 28th January 2015

IUMI appoints Navigate PR as Public Relations and Communications advisor

Press release, 15th January 2015



IUMI update on the CMI Reform of the York Antwerp Rules - Article by Ben Browne, Thomas Cooper LLP, London

Update on the Reform of the York-Antwerp Rules

IUMI responds to the European Commission Consultation on the Insurance Block Exemption Regulation (IBER) 

Response, November 2014

IUMI takes position on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)

Release, October 2014

IUMI supports the International Salvage Union's commitment to insurers 

Release, 2 October 2014

IUMI Council approves new IUMI Articles of Association

Release, September 2014

IUMI celebrates 140th anniversary with Hong Kong conference

Press Release, 9 September 2014

IUMI 2014 Conference in Hong Kong ideal venue to discuss market issues

IUMI Spring Statistics 2014 are now available:
Maritime Maisie brings sharp focus to Shipowners', Salvadors' and Insurers' campaign to urge governments to adopt IMO Places of Refuge Guidelines
Gooding to take on IMO role for IUMI


EU Recognized Organisations - Mutual Recognition
Implementation of Regulation (EU) 391/2009
General Review of the York Antwerp Rules on General Average
CMI Questionnaire - Response of the International Union of Marine Insurance IUMI
Marine Market Future on agenda at annual conference
Major Speakers unveiled as IUMI heads for London
IUMI endorses the report regarding the examination of Flexitanks 
IUMI supports effort to establish "Arctic Marine Best Practice Declaration"
A voluntary"Arctic Marine Best Practice Declaration" for marine operations in the Arctic has been issued.
IUMI has declared its support and fully endorses the idea behind the Declaration.
IUMI Spring Statistics Released
IUMI calls for greater access to inspection Data - Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU)

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