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IUMI Zurich Conference

September 12 - 15 2010

Monday, 13 September:

Presentations by Keynote-Speakers:

Nicholas Pitts-Tucker, Director Seaspan Corporation

Prof. Hato Schmeiser, University of St. Gallen

Facts and Figures:

Chairman's Report and Report on World Merchant Fleet. Cédric Charpentier

Global Marine Insurance Report. Astrid Seltmann

The Effect of Inflation on Hull Repair Costs. Giorgia Rama

Update on World Economy and Trade. Hassiba Benamara, Unctad Geneva

Take Aways and Q&A. Cédric Charpentier

Ocean Hull:

Chaiman's Report and State of the Market. Peter McIntosh

Slow steaming/ Low Sulphur – a Problem for Underwriters?

- A shipowners views. Ludovic Gerard

- A surveyor's views. Gerry Williams

- ... and the engine manufacturer? Stig B. Jakobsen

Impact on Underwriters, Take Aways and Q&A. Lars Rhodin

Tuesday, 14 September:


Chairman’s Report and State of the Market. Mike Davies

Transnational Crime. Barry Conlon

Stock & Storage – An Underestimated Risk? Andreas Siebert

Iraq – Cargo Underwriter’s Exposure During the Re-Building of a Country: Slides, Text. Max Zaccar

Marco Polo – Motorways of the Seas. EU Brussels, actually Dennis Marvin

Take Aways and Q&A. Mike Davies

Offshore and Energy:

Chairman’s Report and State of the Market. Frank Costa

Claims, Yesterday and Today. Dudley Chapman

Panel Discussion: Actuaries and Underwriters – a Rose War?

Introduction and Moderation. Fritz Stabinger

An Actuary Takes his stand. Christian Irgens

An Underwriter’s Position. François de Maeyer

A Reinsurer Has his say. Jim McDonald

Wrap-up/ Take home items. Fritz Stabinger

Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachts:

The Specialist Skills Equipment and Issues in the Installation of Offshore Windfarms. Jos De Gelas

The Navigational Challenges of Offshore Windfarms. Philip Wake

Non-destructive Testing the Yachting Industry. Smoke and Mirrors? Colin Thomas

Incrasing Sophistication of Fishing Vessels. Hans Eelsing

Legal and Liability:

Chairman’s Report and Questionnaire. Steven Barr

Status Report on International Conventions. Andrew Bardot

CMI Compulsory Insurance. Dr. Dieter Schwampe

Classification Societies’ Liability – A Level Playing Field? Simon Tatham

International Trade Sanctions – Legal Developments & the Perils of Non-Compliance. Peter Crowther

International Trade Sanctions – Business Impacts. Dr. Rolf Tanner

Wednesday, 15 September

Loss Prevention:

Chairman’s Report and Introduction. Alessandro Morelli

Misuse of the Standard Box by Flexibags and the Results. Hans-Joachim Grasshoff

Why Loading “Flowing Mud” Ends up in Capsizing – The Danger of Wet Iron Ore Fines. Willem Van Renterghem

IUMI’s Work at IMO. Andrew Higgs

Paris MoU – Introduction of a New Inspection Regime. Carien Droppers - 'withheld from the public upon express request of the Paris MoU'

MAIB – Lessons from Marine Accident Investigations. Steve Clinch

Take Aways and Q&A. Uwe-Peter Schieder

USMET – Claims and how to deal with them. Capt. Stephen Cross

The President’s Workshop

Piracy and Oil Spills – Our Future is Threatened. Rear Admiral Brian Salerno

Marine Insurance – Will it be bought in Years to come? Robert DeMotta

On the High Seas – A Global Resposibility. Simon Walmsley

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Meeting Minutes:

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