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IUMI San Diego Conference

September 16 - 19 2012


Monday, 17 September:

Presentations by Keynote-Speakers:

Richard Du Moulin, Interpid Shipping LLC


Facts and Figures:

Chairman's Report & Report on World Merchant Fleet and World Trade, Cargo Index. Patrizia Kern

Global Marine Insurance Report. Astrid Seltmann (additional data on the statistics site)

Marine Insurance in Latin America. Erika Schoch


Ocean Hull:

IPP Flash Neylon. Somali Piracy - A Snapshot of the Current Problematic Insurance Issues

Chairman's Report. Harry Yerkes

Exposure Development – The Recent Changes in Risk Profiles. David Bellamy

Crew Negligence vs Organisational Failure. James Hunn

Salvage Issues – Technical and Operational Issues. Bob Umbdenstock

Exposure Rating in Ocean Hull. Lars Rhodin


Tuesday, 18 September:


IPP Flash Fernandes Hearn. Update on Canadian Developments Affecting Marine Insurers

Chairman's Report and Introduction. Dennis Marvin

The Future of Green Energy and its Transportation Challenges. Ian Lennard

York Antwerp Rules and Salvage Issues – Latest Developments. Nick Gooding

Sanctions and the Global Marine Industry – A Classic Tragedy. Basilios Podaras/ Karl Gerhard Metzner

Developments and Problems in the Regulations of the Latin American Insurance Sector. Aurelio Ferdandez-Concheso

The Carriage by Sea of Vegetable Oil. Ricardo Consulich

Non-Standard Cargo Wordings – The Devil in the Detail. Nick Gooding


Offshore and Energy:

Technical Presentation on FPSOs. Spencer Clark

Post Loss Presentation and Analysis. Joe McMahon


Financial Market's Impact on our Marine Industry – A Curate's Egg?

Panel Speakers:

Urs Uhlmann: Is Marine affected differently by the ongoing turmoil?

Jim Mc Donald: Financial Market's Impact on our Marine Industry

Martin St. Pierre: A Broker's Perspective...

Andrews F. Colannino: Industry Perspective


Legal and Liability:

Chairman's Report and Convention Update. Andrew Bardot

Sanctions Update. Dr. Dieter Schwampe

OFAC – Interpretation and Application of Sanctions to Insurance. David Brummond

Costa Concordia – Passenger Liability. Mark Houck

RoW – Why is it so costly? Mauricio Garrido

Wreck - Has the Nairobi Convention Foundered? Joe Walsh

US OPA – Its History, Development and How it Affects Us. Michael Chalos


Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachts:

US Legislation Affecting Foreign & US Vessels. Ian Greenaway and Andy Anderson

The Role of the US Coast Guard & Latest Developments. Capt. Jason Fostick

The Americas Cup. John Craig


Wednesday, 19 September

Loss Prevention:

IPP Flash Perrella. Failure To Take Loss Prevention Measures

Chairman's Report and Introduction. Alessandro Morelli

Ships' Vulnerabilities and Questions Surveyors Wish Underwriters Would Ask. Richard Gayton

Safety Transportation in China. Kenji Sumi

IUMI's Work at IMO. Andrew Higgs

Future Middle East Hot Spots. John Cochrane

Cargo Theft and Robbery in Latin America – Part 2. Jorge Pecci


The President's Workshop

IPP Flash Van der Meirsch. Warehouse Inspections – a Delicate Equilibrum

Introduction and Moderation. Ole Wikborg

Ocean Business Community Leadership in Sustainability: The Role of the Insurance Industry. Paul Holthus

Human Factors in Maritime Accidents and Claims. Capt. Timothy Wilson

The Outlook for the US and Global Economies. Dan North



Meeting Minutes

Index to Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes San Diego 2012 Conference

Annex1: President's Welcome Speech Sunday

Annex2: President's Opening Speech Monday and presentation (Annex5)

Annex3: President's Closing Speech Wednesday

Annex4: Secretary General's Speech

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