Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachting Committee

Chairman's message:

Dear visitor,

The Inland Hull, Fishing vessels and Yachting Committee (IFY) is one of the oldest committees of IUMI. Originally established as the Inland Hull Committee in 1999, the committee expanded its activities to include fishing vessels and pleasure craft in recognition of the growing importance these sectors have become to IUMI member associations.

In addition to their commitment to IUMI, IFY committee members are actively involved on marine industry committees in their own countries and are on a day to day basis prominently engaged in the lines of business represented in this committee.

The mission of the committee is to provide IUMI member associations with up to date information on trends, statistics, government regulations, relevant underwriting information and market developments. The IFY committee workshop, during the annual IUMI Conference, is pre-eminently the moment to present papers of interest by acknowledged speakers, both from the committee and guests.

Finally, on behalf of the committee I encourage you to read the various papers you will find on this website and visit the internet links we have carefully selected for you. Any questions, comments, advice and suggestions for future conference workshop topics are highly appreciated.

We are YOUR committee.

Mike Csorba


IFY Committee

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